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[2010]Miss Conspirator Producer KIM Chang-ah

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Action Format : 35mm / Color / 120min

An unpredictable action comedy about an ordinary woman who gets involved in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of crime while running a simple errand.

[2010]The Cat Funeral Director LEE Jong-hoon

Genre : Romantic Road Movie Format : HD / Color / 100min

A couple’s one-day trip for a funeral… of a cat.

[2010]The Criminal Returns Producer LEE Jin-eun

Genre : Social Thriller Format : 35mm / Color / 100min

A series of murders start again after the statute of limitations expires. A thrilling ride with a detective and a bloodthirsty killer both hunting down a copycat killer.

[2010]Two Weddings and a Funeral Director KIM JO Gwang-soo

prize : Artreon Award, Audience Award

Genre : Romantic Comedy Format : HD / Color / 100min

A gay couple and a lesbian couple plan a marriage in disguise, but eventually experience two weddings and a funeral.

[2010]Blood Tears Producer KWON Sun-kook

Genre : Martial Arts, Action Format : 35mm / Color / 100min

A revenge story set in the Chosun dynasty of a swordswoman who lost her child.

[2011]A Dutch Uncle Director MOON Ja-young

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 90min

A troublesome road movie about an unemployed thirty-year-old Dukjin and an abandoned six-year-old boy Sowoon, both off to find Sowoon's mom in Pohang City.

[2011]The Ethics of Anger Director PARK Myung-rang ,Producer HONG L. Yeon-jeong

Genre : Black Comedy Format : HD / Color / 100min

A hard-boiled black comedy of five people around a dead hostess.

[2011]Home Sweet Home Producer LIM Ji-woo ,Producer CHOI Ji-sun

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

Heeyoung’s ultimate project is to have her own room as the youngest child in the house where three generations are living together.

[2011]Testimony Director YOU Joon-suk ,Producer KIM Moon-hwan

Genre : Mystery, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 100min

A mystery thriller about a witness who is suffering amnesia and a lawyer battling to find the truth in a murder case.

[2011]Grape Candy Director KIM Hee-jung

prize : Artreon Award, Audience Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

Seventeen years after the collapse of Sungsoo Bridge, the young girls who lost their friends are now thirty years old.

[2012]You Belong Here Director KANG Heayun

prize : Artreon Award Grand Prize, Seoul Women Vision Award, Audience Award

Genre : Drama, Fantasy Format : HD

"The 27-year-old Chae-yee has a home of her own at last. But... The town feels strange and the people look suspicious."

[2012]Novelists of Our Times Director KIM Bo-jeong ,Producer LEE Eu-ha

prize : Artreon Award for Excellence

Genre : Satire, Comedy Format : HD / Color / 100min

A reader demands a refund from a novelist because the novel is not amusing. A delightful story of a clash between a ludicrous, self-contradicting novelist and a reader deprived of the pleasure of reading.

[2012]I Can See Clearly Now Director SHIN Eun-young ,Producer CHOI Ji-yeon

prize : Artreon Award for Excellence

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Music Format : HD / Color / 100min

[2013]Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Producer PARK In-joung, UM Zoo-young

Genre : Romantic Comedy Format : HD / Color / 120min

"Based on a true story during the Chosun Dynasty, the film portrays a special matchmaking project for old maids and bachelors in the ancient kingdom."

[2013]A Bad Child Director MOON Ji-won

prize : Seoul Women Vision Award, Audience Award

Genre : Mystery, Horror, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 100min

A 10-year-old girl cannot take back her choice. She has to kill her mother to save her father!

[2013]Wildcats Director KIM Young-jae

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 120min

Inspired by the real-life murder of one homeless girl in Suwon in 2007, teenagers are wrongfully accused of murder and a lawyer fights to protect them.

[2013]Coinlocker Girl Director HAN Jun-hee ,Producer KIM Jung-sook

Genre : Hard-boiled, Noir Format : HD / Color / 110min

The girl grows up in the hands of four drinkers who were born in a coin locker. One day, the monster called “adolescence” pays a visit.

[2013]Sweltering Heat Director KIM Hyo-Jeong

Genre : Melodrama Format : HD / Color / 100min

In June 1950, Mo-yun brings home a woman who is to nurse his sick wife Soon-yo.

[2014]Ghost Wedding Writer NA Jae-won

Genre : Romantic Comedy Format : HD / Color / 100min

A clumsy virgin ghost from Namyangju points out the wrong person as her ex-fiancé, and now, a demoted local news reporter must marry the ghost!

[2014]Beautiful Run Director PARK Eun-gyoung ,Producer YANG A-young

Genre : Melodrama Format : HD / Color / 100min

A 20-year-old cyclist without legs and a free diver who plunges into the abyss every day.. A story of their romantic encounter at the end of their sadness!

[2014]Stranger in the Darkness Director SOHN Won-pyung ,Producer CHOI Eun-hwa

Genre : Family, Psychology, Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

Mr. Happy in his 50s encounters an unexpected stranger in the name of his son.

[2014]The Pale Lady Director SON Kwang-ju

Genre : Drama Format : Digital 4K / Color / 110min

A pale woman wanders around a new city called Ian. Those that treated her as an abnormal person fall into their own dramatic tragedy.

[2014]Secret Palace Producer JUNG Jin-mi ,Director LEE Won-sik

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

At Gangnam’s most luxurious residential building, Ji-sook, a working mother of two children, gets involved in an assault and reveals the truth by fighting against injustice. In the end, truth and sincere heart will always prevail.

[2014]Man from Nowhere (Bluebeard) Director LEE Soo-youn

prize : Audience Award

Genre : Mystery, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 100min

A patient falls into a trance during an endoscopic examination and bluntly confesses a murder case to Seung-hoon, the doctor. Is it just a part of the patient’s horrible nightmare? Or, is Seung-hoon daydreaming?

[2015]The White Ray Director CHOI A-leaum, SHIN Yiee-soo

Genre : Mystery, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 100min

It's been 10 months since the first Korean woman astronaut KIM Bo-ri returned to Earth after successfully performing her duty in space. One day, a Russian researcher who boarded the same spaceship with KIM shows symptoms of an unidentified nerve disorder and murders his colleagues.

[2015]House of Hummingbird Director KIM Bora

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Coming-of-Age, Drama Format : HD / Color / 119min

It's 1994, and 14-year old Eun-hee constantly searches for love like a hummingbird taking a long journey to seek honey.

[2015]Everything You Want to Know about Ms. SOHN Director JUNG Jude ,Producer KIM Jenny

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Family Format : HD / Color / 100min

SOHN Gang-ja was once passionate, once unfettered and once risked her life for love. But now her life is full of concerns.

[2015]Play Me Director HA Myung-mi ,Producer KIM Sung-eun

Genre : Romance, Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

A love story of a man and woman with peculiar sexual preference.

[2015]A Haunting Hitchhike Director JEONG Hee-jae ,Producer HAN Eun-young

prize : Audience Award

Genre : Road Movie, Coming-of-Age, Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

A letter from the sanatorium arrives and Jung-ae, an innocent 15-year-old girl, secretly leaves home for the first time in her life, trying to find her mother she cannot even recognize.

[2016]Suni Director CHOI Red ,Producer KIM Hyung Oak

Genre : Mystery, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 120min

A criminal thriller film of a middle-aged female detective investigating a mysterious murder case concerning a cross.

[2016]Be My Eyes Director CHOI Jin-young ,Producer YOO Byung-ok

prize : Audience Award

Genre : Romantic Comedy Format : HD / Color / 105min

A romantic fantasy film to satisfy all your five senses! A story about a mobile app called 'Be My Eyes' to help the visually disturbed.

[2016]March Producer KIM Hyun-jeong

Genre : Music, Action, Teen, History Format : HD / Color / 120min

Korea's first orchestra, the Korean Empire Military Band! A story about young people living through a turbulent time in history!

[2016]Sole Act Director LEE Jae-lim ,Co-producer LEE Se-mi

Genre : Hard-boiled, Detective Movie Format : HD / Color / 110min

A paparazzo becomes a detective! Once a journalist but now a paparazzo, Chan-mi, does her best in investigating a special case.

[2016]Man on the Heel Director PARK Sun ,Producer PARK Ja-myoung

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Comedy, Drama Format : HD / Color / 90min

A man who complains about everything sees the world in a woman's perspective by wearing high heels.

[2017]She's Not Her Director SIN Su-a

prize : Audience Award

Genre : Drama, Thriller Format : HD / Color / 95min

On a rainy day, things turn out most unexpectedly to a woman who steals an umbrella out of sudden anger.

[2017]Please Don't Save Me Director JEONG Yeon-gyeong

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 90min

A boy sets off to find a girl who is forced by her mother to go on a trip to die together.

[2017]The Beast's Fingerprint Director LEE Eun-deok ,Producer KIM Gyeong-hwan

Genre : Thriller Format : HD

A victim of child abduction, Si-woo lives with an incurable trauma and becomes a child kidnapper to find the truth of the past and present.

[2017]A Smiling Woman Director YUN Sim-gyeong

Genre : Drama, Mystery Format : HD / Color / 90min

Yeon-ee, a woman who would laugh easily, dies with question and inheritance.

[2017]UNLOCK THE MYSTERY Director JEON Seon-yeong

Genre : Psychological Thriller Format : HD / Color / 120min

The moment you hear everything, you have to live the rest of your life silent. So do you still want it, the truth coming out?

[2018]Sixty-nine years old Director LIM Sunae ,Producer PARK Kwansu

prize : Megabox Grand Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

A woman in her 60's is raped by a man in his 20's and fights for her dignity and love.

[2018]ALL WE ZOMBIES Director HONG Seong-yoon ,Producer PARK Uhn-ah

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Coming-of-age, Action Format : HD

A story of a not-so-special time of special people.

[2018]Playing of The Dinosaur Director KIM Jungeun ,Producer KIM Misun

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100min

Yeon-ju uses the insurance money from her mother's death to become a public official, but becomes the very person who ignores the lives of the common people such as her mother.

[2018]Funeral Singer Director CHO Hyunjin ,Producer JEONG Han-gyeol

prize : Audience Award, Megabox Award

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Music Format : HD / Color / 100min

Right before suicide, the dead lover appears as an angel of death. A story of how they loved, sang, and lived their life till the end.

[2018]Ghost Tiger Director IM Gyuri

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Horror, Adventure, History Format : HD / Color / 90min

The girl who attracts ghosts uses her cursed power to fight against the ghost tiger.

[2019]My Wonder Women Director KYUNG Jisuk ,Producer CHOI Soogyeong

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Human Drama Format : HD / 110minProduction status : Scenario (Monitoring first draft)Budget Summary : 5 billion KRW

No one took interest in our wonder women. This is their radiant story of coming into the world!

[2019]Doom Doom Director JUNG Wonhee

prize : Megabox Award

Genre : Music Psychological Drama Format : HD / Color / 100minProduction status : Scenario (Adaptation)Budget Summary : 260 million KRW

The story of single mothers making their own world through electronic music.

[2019]Rematch Director LEE Eunhee ,Producer JEONG Moongu

prize : Megabox Grand Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 110minProduction status : ScenarioBudget Summary : 3.5 billion KRW

Sukyoung, attending her second year of middle school, has intellectual disability and gets sexually assaulted by six people. However, the criminal court rules it as prostitution. Sukyoung becomes a criminal with no right for civil action. This is the story of those around her who did not stop trying to help Sukyoung till the end.

[2019]The Children Director KIM Hyuntak ,Producer KIM Inae

prize : Pancinema Award

Genre : Drama Format : HD / Color / 100minProduction status : Scenario (Adaptation)Budget Summary : 200 million KRW

Babysitter Ayoung was abandoned by her parents and does not know how to love. She meets Youngchae, a single mother losing love, and they bond together.

[2019]Happy New year! Director HAN Jihye ,Writer KIM Taeyeon

prize : Audience Award, Megabox Award

Genre : Fantasy Action Comedy Format : HD / Color / 100minProduction status : Scenario (First Draft)Budget Summary : 8 billion KRW

After coming back to life from suicide, they got super powers. An action adventure film for the holidays about four people with superpowers and one corpse.

[2020]The Shared Family Producer/Scenario KIM Youkyung

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2020]Dear. Scenario KIM Jiyoung ,Producer KWAK Soojung

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2020]The Cyber Undertaker Scenario/Director JEONG Su-u

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2020]Nobody Knows Scenario KIM Shinae

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2020]The Women of a New Nation Scenario/ Director SEO Eunsun ,Scenario CHOI Juyong

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2020]The Child Producer/Scenario JUNG Youn ,Director/Scenario KANG Donghun

Format : HD/Color/100min

[2021]A long night Screenwriter HEO Ji Eun ,Screenwriter LEE Kyoungho

[2021]Lonely little life Director KIM Jihyun

[2021]Your Neighbors Director KANGYU Garam ,Producer KIM Hwa-beom

[2021]Last Mission Screenwriter/Director LEE Ho Kyong

[2021]For the girl Screenwriter/Director KIM Dasom

[2022]The Journey to Gyeongju Director Kim Mi-jo ,Producer Park Sun-hye

prize : Feature Film Pitch&Catch Award

Genre : Criminal, Drama, Black Comedy

Ok-sil goes on a family trip to Gyeongju with their three daughters, Jang-ju, Yeong-ju, and Dong-ju. The image of them recalled while wearing a matching family group T-shirt is the appearance of a mother and three daughters in harmony. However, there is a man in the trunk of their car. A family trip of three days and two nights of four mothers and daughters, a little unusual, no, a murder trip.

[2022]METEOR (working title) Director Lee Tae-young

Genre : Queer, Melodrama

A lesbian Norma breaks up with her lover after a tragic incident. A year later, the Covid-19 virus took over the world, a woman approaches Norma, who has yet to accept the breakup, and says that all this bad luck is due to a meteorite.

[2022]Manok Director Lee Yu-jin

prize : Feature Film Megabox Award

Genre : Drama

Man-ok, who ran a lesbian-only restaurant in Bomun-dong. After her father's death, having inherited her hometown house, she returns to Ivan-ri with her same-sex lover Guem-ja. However, the sabotage of Ivan-ri 's village head, his ex-husband, and in addition, Man-ok faces her hometown, which is still exclusive and full of prejudice. In order to change her hometown, Ivan-ri, Man-ok challenges her village head.

[2022]I am happy Director Shin Seung-eun ,Producer Kim Hwa-beom

prize : Feature Film Velocity Award

Genre : Comedy

Moon Haet-nim, who has a bright personality like sun, is diagnosed with depression at a psychiatric hospital that accidentally followed his friend. But she never accepts it. She embarks on a journey into the past for infidelity.

[2022]Homeless girl Director Yun Sim-kyoug

prize : Audience Award

Genre : Drama, Family, Criminal

Young-sun (15), abandoned by her adoptive parents and in need of a place to stay, joins Su-ah's house as a tennis training partner. Young-sun wants to stay in the house for a long time and become a family, but it is not easy for him to fully enter the people who live in conflict.