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The 10th Anniversary Project “Ten Ten”

Ulrike OTTINGER, Helen LEE, BYUN Youngjoo, LEE Sooyoun, JANG Hee-sun, LIM Sung-min

  • Korea
  • 2008
  • 103min
  • HD
  • color/black and white
  • 드라마, Documentary



Seoul Women Happiness
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ16minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣUlrike OTTINGER

When Ottinger visited Seoul for the first time, she was inspired to make this documentary using Korean traditional color and aesthetics. The meeting and marriage of a man and a woman, and the wedding ceremony were filmed against the backdrop of a temple, Nam-san (the mountain south of Seoul), Yang-ryung market, and various other Seoul vistas. Following the special wedding tradition after the oath of marriage, the couple even went up to Nam-san to conduct a ceremony to seal a lock which symbolized their love. We might ask, is this all worth it? There might be different meanings for each of the ceremonial rituals involved in the wedding. With the eyes of a German director, Seoul is revealed in its spaces in which old and new coexist with and contest each other. However, in here and now, are all women happy? (BYUN Jai-ran).


Director/Screenplay Ulrike OTTINGER
Producer LIM Sung-min
Cinematography LEE Sun-young
Editor YANG Jin-mo
Music KIM So-young
Sound Supervisor LEE Won-duk
Cast AHN Baek-seung, KIM Min-ja, YUN Min-kyung


Hers at Last
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ18minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣHelen LEE

So Rong Go, a Mongolian woman, and Myung-jin, an abstract painter who comes from outside of Korea both live in Seoul and share similar troubles in daily life, but have never met each other. This film uses the backgrounds of Hong Dae street, Dongdae-moon, and Jo-Gye temple to portray the women’s daily lives, memories, wounded hearts, doubts and regrets, and hopes and desires. They both try hard to establish their lives in Seoul, remembering their past 10 years and dealing with their present by observing a 10 year old girl on a kickboard. Even though they were brought up indifferent circumstances, their way of thinking as women and the common aspects of their daily lives give the women a magical connection. (BYUN Jai-ran)


Director/Screenplay Helen LEE
Producer Hanna LEE
Cinematography LEIGH Kang-min
Editor UM Yoon-zoo
Music JUNG Cha-shik
Sound KIM Chang-hoon
Cast Solongo GALBADRAKH, SUNG Nak-hee, PARK Tae-in


The Wise Way to Remember the 20th Century
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ11minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣBYUN Young-joo

In 2008, 9 years after the new millennium, the director raises the question,‘How does Park Wan-suh, the writer, remember and configure the 20th century?’in this documentary, which resonates with her own difficulties working through the legacies of the 20th century. This film leads audiences to the meeting place of the director and author Park Wan-Suh’s text books help Byun analyze her position as a filmmaker in the 20th century to share the Seoul story. The film is a meditation on the theme of the senior author’s wisdom and creativity and the various means to express these forces to the world. What kind of lessons can women/artists glean from one of our generation’s greatest creative minds, Park Wan-suh? (BYUN Jai-ran).


Director BYUN Young-joo
Producer HYUN Kyung-lim
Cinematography AHN Byung-taek
Editor PARK Gok-ji, JUNG Jin-hee
Music KIM So-young
Sound Supervisor LEE Won-duk


The Rabbit
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ21minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣLEE Soo-youn

While four pretty boys anxiously wait for one lady, they let us in on their ironic relationships with each other, their joy, anger, agony, and happiness. For the men, women are simply objects that help make their lives more bearable, rather than equal, human beings and partners. So how about asking the men, “What were the women of today that you’ve been seeing like?” or “If you were to wait, how for do you think the women of the future you are waiting for have come?”These are questions for men who pretend to be confidantes of women and also for women to ask ourselves.“Where am I, where is thewoman I’m waiting for, how long do I have to wait, or is she ever going to arrive?” (BYUN Jai-ran)


Director LEE Soo-youn
Producer LEE Byoung-won, YOO Eun-jung
Cinematography UM Hye-jung
Editor AHN Gwang-seop
Music CHEON Ji-young
Sound CHANG Chul-ho (LEAD SOUND)
Cast MA Dong-suk, YOON Hee-suk, SHIN Sung-rok, PARK Jung-bok


Blind Date
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ20minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣJANG Hee-sun

This film is the story of a humorous but awkward episode in the life of Young-sun, a woman in her late twenties and on the heavy side, when she meets with a man to arrange a marriage. She has already banished any interest in getting married and falling in love from her mind. But her mother has pressured her to meet a man. Matchmaking for marriage is a niche market in the wedding industry.
It is a wonder that Young-sun can control her reactions and show either cheerful attitude or extreme sadness in the uncomfortable situation of meeting a man not by her own will but because of unbearable social pressures and parental expectations. (BYUN Jai-ran)


Director JANG Hee-sun
Screenplay JANG hee-sun, KIM jin-sang
Producer KIM daria, KIM jin-sang
Cinematography SON Won-ho
Editor JANG hee-sun, Kim jin-sang
Music KIM Young-eun
Sound JANG Chul-ho (lead sound)
CAST DO Ji-yul, CHO Hee-bong




Driving Miss Granny
Koreaㅣ2008ㅣ12minㅣHDㅣcolorㅣLIM Sung-min

On a balmy spring day in March, a car drives recklessly into the parking lot of the shoreline recreation area on the Han River where many people enjoy their leisure time. A well-dressed woman, Yoo-kyung gets out of the car, grumbling and in a bad mood, and bumps into Kim Ok-boon who is having a hard time learning how to drive from her husband. Yoo-kyung gets inspired and revitalized watching Ok-boon’s sincere passion to learn to drive, undiminished by her husband’s scolding. In spite of her age and dignity Ok-boon has never given up laboring for the dream of being free. Witnessing this scene allows Yoo-kyung to escape her momentary stresses and brings out a marvelous smile. (BYUN Jai-ran)


Director/Screenplay LIM Sung-min
Producer HYUN Kyung-lim
Cinematography LEE Sun-young
Editor GDCA
Music KIM So-young
Sound Supervisor LEE Won-duk
Cast NA Moon-hee, CHOI Yoon-sun, KWON Byung-gil





    Born in 1942, German. Ulrike Ottinger is representative woman director of New German Cinema. Drawing on myths, fairy-tales, literature, painting, and theatre, Ottinger’s lavish feature films verge on the fantastic and surreal. She gained major international attention for her first feature film, Madame X-An Absolute Ruler (1977) and has also worked as a theatre director and ethnographer and author. Her films include Freak Orlando (1981), Twelve Chairs (2004) and Prater (2007).

  • Helen LEEHelen LEE

    Born in 1965, Seoul and immigrated to Canada. She graduated from Toronto University Dept. of Films and English Literature and New York Graduated School Dept. of Films. She became up and coming Korean Canadian woman director with her shorts such as Sally’s Beauty Spot (1990), Prey (1994), Subrosa (2000) at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival being screened. She made The Arts of Woo (2001) as her feature debut. She works at Film/Video distribution company, DEC and lectured at Ontario College of Art and Design.

  • BYUN YoungjooBYUN Youngjoo

    Since she made Korean first theatrical documentary The Murmuring (1995), BYUN went on to complete a documentary trilogy on the victims of Japanese military 'Comfort Women'. Deep Loves (2002) was her first feature film and Helpless (2012) was awarded the Best Director Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2012. Currently, she is working on a film based on KANG Full’s Webtoon Lamp Shop.

  • LEE SooyounLEE Sooyoun

    Born in 1970 in Seoul, LEE Sooyoun graduated from Ewha Woman’s University and Chung-Ang University’s graduate school, before majoring in film direction at the Korea Academy of Film Arts. She made her feature debut in 2003 with The Uninvited, starring Gianna JUN. She won the Best New Director Award at the Paeksang Art Awards, as well as Sitges Fantastic Film Festival’s Citizen Kane Award for Best New Director. She went on to direct segments in several anthology films including 2004’s Twentidentity, 2008’s Ten Ten and 2012’s Modern Family, for which she won CINDI Film Festival’s Movie Collage Award and the Jury Award at Firenze Korean Film Festival.

  • JANG Hee-sunJANG Hee-sun

    Graduated from Ewha Womans University in 1995, Jang Hee-sun received an award at the 1st IWFFIS for her short film Welcome (1996) and Drying Red Pepper (1999) also won at the 4th IWFFIS and screened at the 50th Berlin International Film Festival in 2000. After her film studies at Yong-in University, she has participated in research projects such as ‘Female Body and Beauty’ and ‘Female Body and Childbirth’ respectively, which were organized by the Ministry of Gender Equality in 2002 and 2003. Her film Friendly and Harmonious has been screened at the 8th IWFFIS.

  • LIM Sung-minLIM Sung-min

    She graduated from California State University majoring in film Production. She had worked at IWFFIS as programmer from 2001 and has been being a jury for NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) for International Forum section in the 56th Berlin International Film Festival. Her major work is Punkhatton.